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Handmade + Customisable

All our bath bombs are 100% handmade in Singapore ourselves. Our specialty? Character customisations!

SLS & Paraben Free

Our bath products are free of harmful chemicals such as SLS and parabens. All our bath bombs are also HSA approved.

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No Preservatives

Why bother preserving something to increase the shelf life when it's going to be made fresh, when you order, just for you?

Cruelty Free

Animals are cute and lovely - so we neither support nor do any clinical trials or tests on them (we test our products ourselves). Soak away guilt free!

Customised Bath Bomb

Hand-crafted and hand-painted by our in-house bath bomb artisan. Each custom bath bomb is a 100% unique creation specially made only when you place an order.

You get to pick your scents, your design.

Best of all, you get to pick the bath bomb for you.

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Commonly Asked Questions

If you still have questions after this, just drop us a text :D

Are your products safe for use a) during pregnancy, b) for children, c) for someone with sensitive skin?
Usage during pregnancy: We recommend using only from your second trimester onwards. There are also certain scents that you should avoid, like clary sage, rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint. Also, you'll need to make sure that the water isn't too hot (not above 37.5°C because that's a fever!). Drop us a text if you need more help!

Usage for young children or babies: We use only natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin, with no preservatives, SLS or parabens. So our products are safe for children and babies generally. (Great feedback since 2018!)

However, if it's the first time your child is using it and they have sensitive skin, we recommend that you try scrapping a bit of our products off using your fingers then applying it on the forearm of your child with some water and check for any reactions. If there aren't any, then we're good to go!

Usage for someone with sensitive skin (e.g. eczema): As with above, we recommend testing a bit of our product on your forearm before committing to the full soak. That being said, we've had many customers with eczema use our products and reporting that it did not agitate their condition after usage (sometimes even experiencing symptom relief after a good soak!).
How fast can I get my items upon ordering?
We need about 2 days at least to craft your items (unless we have ready stocks). After which we will send them out via courier or you can opt to self-collect.

Express Delivery ($13.50): Get within 2-3 days
Standard Delivery ($3.50, Free if above $60 spend): Get within 4-7 days
Store Pickup (Free): Faster; we will inform you once we are done crafting (3-4 days) You can collect daily from 11am to 7pm (excluding certain public holidays).
Do you all do corporate events, bulk orders, or wedding favours?
Yes we do! To find out more, drop us a text using this form:
Do you have a physical store?
Yes, we have a little space located at 1 Ubi View, Focus One, #01-22 Singapore 408555. You can self-collect your bath bombs here or make a purchase from whatever we have in-stocks currently!
Do you all deliver out of Singapore?
We do make special arrangements if you are ok with the shipping costs. Drop us a message directly via the Whatsapp button and we will quote you manually!


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