Surprise Birthday Gift Box

  • Looking for a unique and meaningful birthday gift that's easy to give? Look no further than our Birthday Giftset! This delightful gift set includes everything you need to make someone's special day unforgettable.

    At the heart of our gift set is a charming little wooden crafted musical box that sings the birthday tune, creating a magical and festive atmosphere that will make the recipient feel truly celebrated. The box is paired with a packet of baby-sized bath bombs of your choice, perfect for a relaxing and indulgent soak after a day of festivities.

    And for those who are always on the go, our multipurpose lunch bag is a versatile and practical gift that can be used as a lunch bag, shopping bag, or even as a stylish accessory. Complete the gift with a heartfelt birthday card, and you have a fuss-free, thoughtful and memorable gift that will show your loved one how much you care.

    So why stress about finding the perfect gift when you can give the gift of relaxation, practicality and joy with our Birthday Giftset?

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Precautions: We will recommend testing a small portion of the products to test for any possible allergies. For Bath Bombs, do dip your hand/foot in to check for any reaction before soaking full body.

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