Gender Reveal Bath Bomb Set

  • You've been holding this in for so long. This sacred piece of information that you were tasked to keep safe.

    Oh the responsibility.

    Wait, now you're even tasked to organise the party and reveal the information in the most epic way possible?!

    As if it wasn't already tough enough to stop your excitement from overflowing.

    Well, we can't help you organise the party, but here at Bath Bomb Flings, we devised a pretty unique (and epic) way to reveal the gender of the baby.

    Why not spill the beans by letting it gush out in a flurry of bubbles and foam in the most vibrant of colours? Not only does the fizzing bath bomb create suspense, we feel that the whole ritual is also one that is very fitting for the occasion - the birth of a child that is overflowing with life - just like how the bath bombs are made to intentionally react and spill out of the glass jar.

    That being said, no matter how it was revealed, we know that the couple is going to feel blessed in the presence of their friends, family, and because they have you - the one who went the extra mile to try and add a little more oomph! into the party (:

Gender Reveal Bath Bomb (Pink)

Gender Reveal Bath Bomb (Blue)


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