Strawberry Bath Bomb

  • Ready to have a berry good time? Our Strawberry-shaped bath bomb is here to turn your bath into a sweet and refreshing oasis! With a scent that's as minty fresh as it is fruity, you'll be feeling as invigorated as a basket of freshly-picked strawberries in no time.

    Shaped like a juicy pink berry, this bath bomb is a playful and delicious addition to any bath routine. Plus, it's packed with nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling smoother than a strawberry milkshake.

    It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves puns, fruity scents, or just needs a good soak. So don't be a sour grape - order your Strawberry-shaped bath bomb today and let the relaxation begin!

    Scent: Strawberry & Spearmint

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Precautions: We will recommend testing a small portion of the products to test for any possible allergies. For Bath Bombs, do dip your hand/foot in to check for any reaction before soaking full body.

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