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Staycation Box

What's Included:
- 1 Bath Bomb
- Powder Bubble Bath (160g)
- 1 Body Loofah
- Chocolate bar
- Mini bouquet of soap flowers
- Autumn's Embrace Candle (Scent: Gardenia, Bergamot & Neroli)

A staycation is just a staycation.

Or is it?

A staycation with your loved one could be so much more.

It could be exciting. It could be romantic. It could be different.

Setting up the perfect ambiance - we have just the right amount of stuff for you to do that.

Introducing Bath Bomb Fling's Staycation Box for couples like yourselves out there! Each box comes with bath bomb of your choice (we highly recommend Aphrodite's Blessings because it has such a romantic scent
) to go with our Powder Bubble Bath mix for that bubbly and love-filled bath that you both can enjoy.

After that, wind down with some quality chocolate and light up our specially blended Autumn's Embrace candle by Candlesmoaks and drift slowly into a romantic snooze.

A perfectly romantic night awaits.


Bath Bomb and their scents:

[Floral & Romantic]
- Aphrodite's Blessing : Blend of Ylang Ylang and Black Orchid for a sweet floral scent
- Chamomile : Calming mild Chamomile scent
- Lavender : Classic floral Lavender scent
- Himalayan Bloom : Blend of Rose and Acacia for a powdery sweet floral scent
- Miracle of Anteros : Blend of Rosemary and Ylang Ylang for a herby floral scent

[Fun & Fruity]
- Bubblegum Fantasia : Blend of Sweet Cotton and Jasmine for a unicorn-like sweet scent
- Basking in Sunshine : Fruity apricot peach scent that is really refreshing
- Peace & Bliss : Mild sweet blend of Sweet Cotton and Linen

[Soothing & Healing]
- Breath of Bahamas : Drift into paradise with the scent of ocean infused in the bomb
- Balm of Relief : Experience a Bali-like soak with its prominent lemongrassy citronella scent
- Green Tea : Calming and refreshing scent of green tea
- Eucalyptus : Immerse yourself in the essence of this bath bomb and come out feeling invigorated with its minty scent
- Oat & Vanilla : Gently exfoliate your skin with the raw oats and soak in its mild sweet scent of Vanilla
- Sandalwood : Woodsy grounded scent that rejuvenates the senses
- Teatree Rosemary : Blend of Teatree and Rosemary scent for the herby minty scent, and topped with Rosemary herbs

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