Teatree & Rosemary Baby-sized Bath Bomb (6 per box)

  • Our Teatree & Rosemary bath bomb - now smaller and cuter! The perfect size for a foot soak.

    Yes, this was made for you whose skin calls out for healing and soothing.

    Why? You ask?

    Well, the benefits of teatree oil have been well documented and used by Aborigines as a form of medicine since ancient times. When teatree oil is used on the skin, it can help to soothe skin inflammation, relieve acne, boost wound healing, and combat body odours.

    Which is exactly why we chose teatree as our main essential oil in this bath bomb. We paired it with rosemary to give it a complementary scent - an overall woodsy and minty aroma. A scent that reminds you of a casual stroll down the peaceful, tranquil woods in spring.

    All while healing your skin and mind.

    Scent: Teatree, Rosemary

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Precautions: We will recommend testing a small portion of the products to test for any possible allergies. For Bath Bombs, do dip your hand/foot in to check for any reaction before soaking full body.

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