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About BBF

Bath Bomb Flings is a Singapore startup founded by a husband-wife tag team. We started this because we wanted to let couples like ourselves and avid bathers enjoy premium bath experiences and create special memories.

It all began when we had our first memorable experience during our mini honeymoon after our wedding. The wife excitedly brought along our first bath bomb for the trip wanting to spice up the honeymoon for us both. 

Except ... when we threw it in, instead of a glamorous display of colour and fizzing action accompanied by a whiff of scented brilliance; all we got was a ball that sank to the bottom of a tub, slowly disintegrating into nothingness (Just like the mood that was built up. What a bummer.)

So my wife thought, why not try to make our own bath bombs? That way, we could test and be sure that we got what we wanted! After all, time is limited and holidays and staycations don't happen all the time. We wanted to make sure that these intimate moments spent together with each other were special.

And that's how we began. 

Here at Bath Bomb Flings, you can expect that we take our bath times (be it alone or together) with great passion. That same passion flows into every single bath bomb that we handcraft ensuring the most extraordinary experience.

Here, you can have the bespoke experience of bath bombs, with customization options available. Because everyone's version of perfect is different. 

Here, we make bath bombs in order for you to make your memories.



Drop us a note or text if you're looking to find out more! Be it your very own bath bomb, special care packages, events or wedding favours.