Lavender Bath Bomb

  • Life is getting increasingly demanding, and complicated to navigate through. I'm sure we've all at one point felt like we were expected to do so much but had so little time. But that doesn't mean we give up. That doesn't mean we give in. We all need to rest and we all need to relax. That's why we crafted the Lavender Bath Bomb. Something so simple, basic, and rejuvenating - the complete opposite of modern day life. Soaking in bath waters infused with the essence of lavender helps you calm down and relax. Meaning you'll enjoy better sleep and rest. The quality ingredients used in our Lavender Bath Bomb is also gentle on the skin and moisturizes it as you soak.

    Love yourself and learn to rest. Because it keeps us sane and it gives us strength to push on for a better tomorrow.

    Scent: Lavender

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Precautions: We will recommend testing a small portion of the products to test for any possible allergies. For Bath Bombs, do dip your hand/foot in to check for any reaction before soaking full body.

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