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Snooze Away Box

What's included:
- Silent Night Pillow Mist (Blend of Lavender & Chamomile)
- A jar of hand-poured candle by Candlesmoaks
- One eye mask
- A pair of fluffy wool socks*
- Honeysticks

Sleep is the key to many things - lower stress levels, learning, obesity and many more. There's a huge body of scientific research out there that documents the importance of sleep and its benefits.

That is also why it's important to not just sleep, but have quality sleep while you are at it.

Bath Bomb Fling's Snooze Away Box is meant to help you do just that. A few sprays on your pillow before sleep to help you relax. We've also partnered with a local crafter called Candlesmoaks to come up with our own unique sleep blend (White Sage + Lavender). Their candles are made of soy wax and only uses wooden wicks sourced from responsibly managed forests. Simply light the candle and grab a book for a perfect pre-sleep routine.

We also included honey, an eye mask, and a pair of fluffy socks because eating honey and wearing socks may also help you sleep better!

*Colour of the socks will be sent out randomly

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